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How to cook poke sallet

how to cook poke sallet

3, fry the bacon.
After about two minutes, we concluded we knew as much about poke sallet as politics - mostly because we're in our sixties, and our generation doesn't appreciate poke sallet with the same intensity as our parents and grandparents.
Warnings, pokeweed is a toxic plant.She now scours her Chamblee, Georgia, neighborhood and parks, sometimes bringing home more than a pound of wild-gathered chanterelles (about 50 worth).She occasionally adds a pinch or two of sugar to cut the bitter taste.Black and White, 1969.Please try again later.Adams is a writer, editor, gardener, and urban flock keeper in Decatur, Georgia.Even then, boil the leaves or shoots 3 times, using fresh water for each boil, to remove toxins before using as food.The antidote to the poison, I am told, is to drink lots of vinegar and eat about a pound of lard.Mee-Ma had to have eaten enough poke sallet in her life to kill her several times over, and while she may have suffered from prostration a time or two (mostly due to orneriness she lived for a long time and died because she was very.Take my friend Esther, who bought a well-illustrated book on fungi and became an expert identifier of edible mushrooms.But gathering and eating poke is not quite, euell Gibbons and, stalking the Wild Asparagus, either.

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Repeat this two more times.
Use only 6 to 7 inch (15.2.8 cm) shoots before berries.
Adams, Sauteeing poke in bacon grease, Decatur, Georgia, 2010.Mee-Ma lived with us in the northeast Georgia mountains when I was in my early teens.I've eaten worse in some Dallas restaurants.You May Also Like: Southern Pork BBQ, southern Mexican Mac N Cheese Casserole.That's why you're likely to find it in places like cowpens, gardens, and anyplace else the Texas Agriculture Commissioner has made a speech.A wad of plants was growing in a new flowerbed not far from the back porch.

The rich purple juices of the berries have traditionally been used as ink and dye, and the American Cancer Society cites the potentially curative effects of a certain protein in pokeweed, which has shown some success against tumors in mice and against herpes and HIV.
Poke is quite poisonous, the roots and berries especially (though not for birds and the larger leaves can make you very sick.