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Edu uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience.Skip to main content, academia.'Hey time to bail out, here comes big Bluey and he looks pissed off.' or 'The government has again bailed out the banks with taxpayer's money.' Bail up - Used to mean to rob someone but now can mean to corner someone and engage them.#9733 #9733 #9733 #9733 #9733 Amazing tacos!'Cheryl was a bit toey today.' Togs - Swimming costume.'Go get your clobber.' or 'He got clobbered in the fight.' Clodhoppers - Feet.'She was a real old bag!' or 'Hey don't bag my footy team!' Bags - Laying claim to something as in, "I bags the biggest piece." Bail out - To get away in haste or to rescue a failing company by pouring in heaps.#9733 #9733 #9733 #9733 #9733 Nachos are the best.

'She is a crash tirage loto vendredi 11 aout 2017 hot sheila.' Crawler - A person trying to gain favour.
'Shuddup or I'll belt ya!' also to take a drink of alcohol.
'Ok, let's give it a burl.' Burr up - To get angry.'He was a real bastard!' Or 'Where have you been, you old bastard!' If you don't understand the difference then don't use the word.'He been in and out of the dunny all day, must have a bad case of the trots.' Badger box - Small hut or dwelling.'Gee the boss burred up pretty badly when I didn't show up at work.' Bush - Anywhere away from town.'Cause if we ease into a stop, we don't want our brakes to mash on our trailer.'His role as an fivb Instructor took him to many French speaking African countries where his talent as a teacher and love of the game helped to educate and train new generations of players and coaches.'It was so easy a drover's dog could have done.' Drown some worms - Fishing.'So he finally twigged.' Twit - A fool.'Greg is a snaky bastard!' Snog - Passionate kiss.'Did you see that pair in the street?'Bugger all!' Buggered - Exhausted.'The car was bog standard.' Bogan - Rough individual living a radical lifestyle.'Hey Bill, time to pony up you know.' Ants pants - Similar to the bees knees.