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4bet light poker

Now, we only have an equity.14.
By pressing the - button, you will be asked if the current selected condition should be deleted.
In 70 of all possible flops, our range has an equity of at least.This window is only available if a board (at least a flop) is given.Now, we define our own cartable tann's roulettes soldes hand ranking and place the aces at the worst position and save this hand ranking under the name aces are bad: If we now choose this new hand ranking and select.The entries with a blue arrow are predefined and cannot be changed.3rd: Select the tab Grouping options, click on another subgroup you want (here 2) and define you 3betting range.What is a hand ranking?You are hoping to push the ante if the dealer doesnt qualify, even if he outkicks you.Basic Strategy Card for Ultimate Texas Hold'em.In this case, the user has to stop the evaluation manually.Card matrix: here you can select the desired cards OK: The window will be closed and the selection will be taken to the calling part.Lets take a look at this example.Hand, eV(check) EV(4x) Notes As.1665.3999 raise with Ace anything Kh 2h -0.0799 -0.0745 raising K2s beats checking.54 of the Ante bet Kh 8d -0.0040.1663 checking makes it a loser; raising 4x makes it a winner Qh 8d -0.0926 -0.0694.

Predefined hand ranges This tab is designed to manage your ranges.
Opens the playability profile editor to define your own playability profiles.
This can be very useful to compare ranges and scenarios on different boards.
If the board is suited, you cant bet any straight draw unless you also have a flush draw.
You will see, that the range is saved to the tree with a little grouped symbol.If you click on the little arrow at the right side on the button a little context menu will appear, where you can choose another empty input field in the main window.Saves a screenshot of the matrix to a file in order to work with it in other programs.Please take a look to hand rankings and hand ranking editor.If a ranged is entered in the corresponding input field, a little check box appears.The fact is, that regardless of which flop comes (100 of the cases) random always has an equity of exactly 50 against random, which can be seen very nicely on the blue line.

If the currently entered hand range is not syntactical correct, the background of the text field appears in red.